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Randy Feldschau

Randy FeldschauCOH Board

Pastors Randy and Suzann Feldschau have been in ministry for over 30 years. They began full time ministry at the age of 19 as evangelists. Since then, they have served as youth pastors, associate pastors and senior pastors. The Feldschau family founded Calvary Worship Center in Austin, Texas in 1992. They remained there until 1998 when they answered the call to pastor Easton Worship Center in Columbus, Ohio. While there, they mothered a Hispanic Church and a Ghanaian Church.

In 2003, they were called to Brownsville Assembly of God and served as senior pastors, until 2006 when they returned home to Beaumont and became lead pastors at Cathedral. As they serve as lead pastors of Cathedral they both sense a strong calling to bring a spiritual awakening to this region. Pastors Randy and Suzann believe that Cathedral is a house of possibilities for all people seeking the will of God.

The Feldschaus have two children: Justin (wife Kim) who is an RN at SETMA and Amy (husband Michael) who has a licensed master’s degree in Social Work. God has blessed the Feldschau family with two grandchildren, Jude Ryan Feldschau and Anna Grace Everett.

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