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Understanding Male Context

Understanding Male Context

Your understanding of masculine context will help you reach men for Christ. Unless we understand who men are, we cannot relate to them. Eighty percent of salvations of men come out of relationships. It is important to understand masculinity or how God wired men in order to have a successful ministry to men. I have listed some basics that every leader must understand if Champions are going to be developed.

    • With men Distance = Safety.  
    • Men are reluctant to share their feelings. They view personal distance as safety, and closeness or intimacy as a threat.
  • Men communicate through questions. 
  • Men primarily communicate by asking a series of questions, in order to try to solve a problem or get to the “bottom line.”
  • Men are goal or challenge oriented.
  • Men view most situations as a challenge to be met or an obstacle to be conquered.
  • Men focus on logic not emotions.
  • The majority of men are “linear,” which means they emphasize one thing at a time and tend to compartmentalize their lives.
  • Men choose rules over relationships. 
  • Men want order in various situations, so they place emphasis on rules and principles. While this brings order, it also creates distance from others.
  • Finally, men are hesitant to express their emotions. 
  • Men have been given permission to express their emotions through anger.  They vote with their feet. If they don’t have adequate tome to process their feelings, they will usually “fight or flee.”
  • This is only a sampling why it is difficult to mobilize passionate, prepared, and positioned men. If you want to know more about training men for God, then sign up for Champion’s Training. Contact us for more information.