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Seven Steps of a Champion

Seven Steps of a Champion

I am frequently asked, “What is Champion’s of Honor?” As I respond to this question, everyone starts to realize that ‘Champions of Honor’ is a ministry to men focused on who we are as Honorable men, not what we are able to do as Men. The following seven steps will keep an honorable man developing as a Champion for God:

1.      Salvation – A man must have a personal relationship with Jesus and ask for forgiveness.
2.      Passion – The passion for Christ must rise up in our everyday life. The need is to be Christ-centered rather self-centered.
3.      Purity – Men must walk in purity, cleansing our lives from the sin that surrounds us.
4.      Focus – We must be focused on what God wants, not our own agenda or needs.
5.      Training – We must train ourselves in the Word of God; reacting according to the Word not the world! 
6.      Power – Men must have the power of the Holy Spirit to walk out a Champions life.
7.      Reproduction – Reaching other men for Christ!  We must be committed to reaching the world around us in our circle of influence.  We must share the love of Christ.
Our daily prayer should be: “Lord, thank you for my Salvation, the Passion for you, the Purity of my walk, the Focus of my devotions, the Training of your Word, the fresh Power of your Holy Spirit in my life, and the Reproduction of souls with the same desires.”