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Training Champions

Training Champions

Basic Building Blocks for Ministry to Men:

Leaders of men need to understand that in a church context, the Pastor has to lead the men. It is the only ministry that requires his personal attention. He should not have to do any of the work, his core group should, but it will require his time and commitment to his men. Without that there can be no real ministry to men. The following building blocks have been found as basic understandings to a successful ministry to men.

Building Blocks for Leading Men

  • Ministry to men must be seen from a spiritual perspective. It must be bathed in prayer and considered as much a part of the work of the Holy Spirit as any other area of ministry
  • Ministry to men must have a balanced emphasis on being versus doing.  The emphasis is on what a man becomes versus what he does.  In the past we have settled for doing things rather than confronting what we must be in Christ.
  • Ministry to men must be gender-specific.  There is a difference between ministry to men and ministry to women.  Activities targeted at men must be tailored for men. Activities and ministries must be goal oriented, with a clear sense of achievement evident at their conclusion.
  • Ministry to men must have intention. This simply means the outcome must be decided upon up front with a clear vision of the major purpose.
  • Ministry to men must have pastoral involvement.  This building block calls for pastors to become involved with their men, supporting ministry to their men, and setting the example for their men.
  • To effectively impact your men, a pastor must have balance.
  • The training must generate a pastor supported and pastor supportive climate.
  • The pastor must be available.
  • The pastor must be in a small group.
  • The pastor must get close to your men.