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We believe it is time for men to quit being spiritually weak and develop as warriors for Christ. Each man must be a man of vision, understand the meaning of unity on the team, be disciplined and faithful, be an inspiration to others, and persevere with character to the finish.

We welcome you in the process that will change your life and a challenge that will grow your walk with God.


Chuck Brewster

Champions of Honor

The MasterPlan for Champions

As Ed Cole said in his book, Courage: Every man that joins with Champions of Honor must “pay the price of championship." He must commit to grow in Christ through God's Word and "masculine context" resources. At Champions of Honor, we follow four steps that one must go through start their journey as a Champion of Honor. These steps are called "The MasterPlan for Champions."

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What They're Saying

Bill McCartney

Bill McCartney

Founder, Promise Keepers

I love the way Chuck interweaves his Secret Service training into the needs of men in the church. I also like the way each chapter of his book, Dead Men Rising, can be used by men as a small group resource. This is a must read for every man and a challenge to every pastor.

Paul Louis Cole

Paul Louis Cole

President, CMNWorldwide

My dad said that a "Champion is a man that never quits" and Chuck is one of those men. Here is a man that spent a whole career serving his nation as a bodyguard for our leaders, but sensitive enough to hear God's voice calling him into a tougher arena. He is a man who never quits, a Champion for men and God!

Did Biden say last night that he taught Constitutional Law for 21 years? Is that true?

by Chuck Brewster